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Date: 3rd August 2015
Air Conditioner Microchannel Condenser

MCHE offer a long list of features not  found in other heat exchangers. Parallel flow increases performance by up to  45%

compared to traditional tube and fin heat exchangers. Its special circuit  design reduces internal pressure drop on the gas

side by more than 65%, which  produces significant savings in compressor energy consumption and weariness.  Its slim design

and its thin cross flow tube profile decreases air pressure  drop by 25% also bringing considerable advantages: smaller fans,

less noise and  lower electricity consumption.
a. Compact Design
b. MCHE’s hold-up volume is a full 77%  lower than that of an F&T coil
c. MCHEs weigh 68% less than equivalent  F&T coils.
d. All aluminium material prevents the  galvanic corrosion
e.Great air-side heat transfer efficiency
f. Brazed tube to fin joint
g. MCHEs are very easy to clean
h. Lower pressure drop per unit heat  transfer
i. Price stability
j.Low  noise levels
k.Design  flexibility        http://www.chinasanpu.com